If you are reading this, you are considering entering one of the Run & Relay events or you are already entered.  All entrants will benefit from at least some hill training and of course, training the distances needed to successfully complete the event that you have entered.
If you are preparing to be a part of a 13-person relay team, we believe these tips for getting started in your training will help as you prepare over the coming weeks.

  • Goal – Your goal is to walk and/or run a mile of the event if you are a part of a 13-person relay team. You should be healthy enough to train three times a week. Of course a part of your goal is to have fun….which you will!
  • Scheduling time – You will probably need help from your family and friends in arranging for time to train.
  • Footwear – Your shoes should provide good support and cushion and be a good fit. If you get new shoes, break them in by wearing them for a few hours first.
  • Buddy Plan – Walk or run with a friend. It is great fun and it will help you.
  • Trust how you feel – Don’t start out too fast or doing too much. If you are breathing so hard that you can’t talk, then you’re doing too much……you don’t want to risk injury.
  • Interval Training – Some may want to use this type of training. This means that you will alternate between walking and running. For example, you may walk five minutes and run one minute. Gradually increase your running time. Make adjustments to suit your goals and ability, and of course, how you feel.
  • How are you doing? – You will definitely improve your time, distance, and way you feel over the weeks that you train. If you don’t during a particular week, don’t be discouraged! You will make the gains that you need. So stick to it!!
  • Where to train – Train where you are comfortable and safe. A school track, local walking/running paths, or city park. Since much of the Talimena 13.1 Run & Relay is an uphill grade, it would be beneficial to do some uphill training. This will help to acclimate your muscles to this type of terrain. Some places to run in the Mena area are High School tracks at Mena and Acorn, RMCC walking areas,  City Park; also, the Orchard Trail at the Forest Service Visitor Information Center near the beginning of the Talimena Drive.